Come read ancient texts with me

Cultural Annotation Intern


Logos Bible Software is looking for people who know the culture and background of the biblical world and want to use it in an environment focused on creating data-oriented products for professors, teachers, students, and laypeople. As a Cultural Annotation Intern, you will work with the Logos Content Innovation team to help provide a foundation for the next generation of tools to help people understand the ancient world in relation to their study of the Bible.


Logos has developed an inventory of cultural concepts. With this list of concepts, the intern will:

  • Read ancient texts (Josephus, Philo, Contexts of Scripture, ANET, for example)
  • Identify and understand cultural concepts and practices in ancient texts
  • Label pericopes in ancient texts with concepts from the Logos Cultural Ontology


  • Summer relocation to Bellingham
  • Ability to annotate texts based on quick, informed decisions about analysis
  • B.A. or M.A. in biblical studies
  • Desire to stretch your biblical knowledge to the limit, and get paid for it

The ideal candidate

  • Is familiar with Logos Bible Software
  • Has strong familiarity with Ancient Near Eastern and Hellenistic culture.

Interested candidates can send a CV/résumé to .

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